The Bureau Of Exceptional Education And Student Services Essay

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The Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services (bureau) received a state complaint from Ms. Shaina Kuba and Ms. Sandy Kuba on September 13, 2016, alleging that the Orange County School District violated federal and state laws relating to the education of students with disabilities. Specifically, the issue is:

ISSUE: Whether the Orange County School District followed the required procedures during a Manifestation Determination meeting held on May 3, 2016.

The 60-day timeline for completion of the inquiry began with receipt of the required complaint components, with an anticipated completion date of November 12, 2016. The district and the complainant were asked to submit relevant documents and information to the bureau. Ms. Latonia Green, Director of exceptional student education (ESE) procedures, Orange County Public Schools, submitted documentation on behalf of the district. The complainant also submitted documentation.

As part of the inquiry process, relevant portions of the student’s educational records and documentation submitted by the complainant were reviewed. The educational records indicated that the student (date of birth: May 13, 1998) was in 11 grade and was determined eligible for ESE services as a student with a specific learning disability and a language impairment.

According to Title 34, Code of Federal Regulations, 34 CFR §300.530 and 6A-6.03312 states, a manifestation determination must be…

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