The Burden Of Shift Work And Job Satisfaction Among Nurses During Winter Park Memorial Hospital

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Problem Statement The objective of this paper is to analyze the burden of shift work and job satisfaction among nurses in Winter Park Memorial Hospital. The study will examine the association of predictors between working long shifts and burnout to age, annual salary received, earned years of education and time spent in shift work schedules. Furthermore, the study will help identify potential strategies for improving the quality of life of shift-working nurses.

Literature Review In our society today, it is a recognized fact to work beyond the outside normal hours, stereotypically interpreted to shift work or extended days. More often than not, individuals opt to have the said schedule of work for economic reasons (Dall 'Ora, Griffiths, Ball, Simon, & Aiken, 2015). However, it has been identified to have detrimental effects to their health. For the most part, it would bring about issues both in physical and mental such as having digestive problems, sleep disorders, lingering fatigue, obesity, anxiety and even depression (Caruso, 2014). One critical aspect that should be taken into account is that nurses who work on rotating shifts, especially individuals who opted to work the graveyard shift; due to the constant fatigue and sleep deprivation, the quality of patient care and their safety are potentially endangered (Akbari, Hajian, & Mirhashemi, 2016). Apart from these concerns, most shift workers are reported to have low quality of life that usually translates to…

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