The Burden Of A Happy Child By Mary Cantwell Essay

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In this essay, “The Burden of a Happy Child,” by Mary Cantwell, that was published in The New York Times, the author goes into detail about her house when she was a child growing up. Cantwell loves this living space. She is so heartbroken when her parents sell the house even though she is already grown up and moved out. In the United States of America, “14.2% of people move from their house each year” (Avrick, n.d). There are many reasons as to why people like to change locations. Many want to try something new, others just want to get far away as possible from where they grew up. While the author is living somewhere else, she argues she cannot move on from her true home. So it shows there is a feeling of attachment possessed by the author. Cantwell, while making the title, puts a binary opposition within to make the reader think about the two opposites that appear.

Cantwell refers her childhood house as not only her home but her fortress because, “As long as it was the place to which I fled whenever my life as an adult became too hard to bear, I was immured in childhood” (Cantwell, M. 1998, February 1). The author is tied to her house so much because it was her hide away from anything remotely bad in her life; from classmates that did not like her or if something happened to a family member. People who get so emotionally attached to a living space call it their ‘home.’ Even though the author is supposedly moved on in her life she cannot see to call anywhere else home, “I…

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