Essay on The Bundesrepublik Deutschland ( Federal Republic Of Germany

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The Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany) is a European country rich in history, culture, and traditions. From its beginnings as a monarchy, to the thriving Democracy that it is today, Germany has evolved to become the third largest economy in the world and largest in Europe. Serious investment has created one of the most developed transportation and communication infrastructures in the world. Germany, as one of the first members of the European Economic Community (EEC) and European Union (EU), plays a vital role in the politics, economy, and defense of Europe. From monarchy to tyranny, and communism to democracy, Germany has seen a multitude of different governments over the centuries. Germany was a monarch from the Middle Ages up until Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated the throne after World War I (Lambert, 2015). With the monarchy gone, the Social Democrats party took control of Germany and signed an armistice with the Allied nations in 1918 at the end of the war. A year later, Germany involuntary signed the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty blamed the start of the war on Germany and greatly limited what equipment and personnel they could have in their military. Restrictions were put in place on areas of Germany that could be militarized, they were not authorized certain navy equipment, and could not have any type of air force. The allies also forced them to give up much territory to surrounding countries (Lambert, 2015).
The country was having…

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