The Bullying Of The Workplace Essay

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This paper discusses the prevalent bullying in the workplace in Australia. Specifically, it will look into the racial discrimination, a kind of bullying that are often aborigines, immigrant, and international students experiences.

A. Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying is often manifested with verbal attack, which resulted to unproductiveness of an individual. It is non-physical and often resulted to psychological damage and often causes stress-related health problems. It is also causes high turnover rate of a company, which made employment and recruitment and retention difficult. This is due to the fact that employee morale is low. Because of this, it is necessary that employers look into this problem (Namie, n.d.).

In the research that was conducted by Mellington in 2004, they found out that 70% of employees are being bullies or had been bullies. This is further proven by the findings that were released by the Labour Council of New South Wales, which had reflected on the findings of Mellington with 74% of the respondents had experienced bullying in the workplace. Because of this, it is one of the occupational health and safety issue in New South Wales (Gregor, n.d.).

According to Human Rights Australia, bullying can also be discrimination. Racial discrimination which is the focus topic of this paper is included on the type of discrimination that is under bullying.

B. Racial Discrimination as a Type of Bullying

Race discrimination usually happens when an individual…

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