Essay on The Bullied And The Bully

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The bullied and the bully. I asked my mother if she had remembered the time I was being bullied as a child. She had offered me more information than my memory could. She remembered me often saying that I wanted to go to a different school, and how much I hated the school I attended. Being a chubby child, I was bigger than my other classmates. I was often called names, names having to do with my weight. Now I can barely remember those days’, I’ve blocked those memories except for one- the defining moment my childhood bully of two years left me alone. Marconi and I rode the same bus with assigned seats side by side. I always tried my best to ignore her. Her focus was always on me she began saying hateful things, and I repeatedly told her to leave me alone. Suddenly I snapped. I began to use words I knew I shouldn 't have said, words I didn’t even know I knew and I still remember the shocked look on her face. I began to cry, thinking I was going to be in trouble with my mother. Later that day I told her everything. My mom just wiped away my tears and hugged me saying everything would be okay. I don 't regret what I did, but what could I have done? I repeatedly told the teachers what was happening, and all she did was separate us. I told the bully Marconi that she was wrong, and I asked her to leave me alone but nothing sufficed. Being in that situation I understand the struggles and hardships of going to school every day, with a cloud over your head with no way of…

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