The Building Of A House Essay

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A house cannot be built without bricks as it needs the cement to hold the parts together. As well as this, it needs to be composed of a foundation to start building upon and an imagination to design both the interior and exterior of the house such as the windows and the floor design. Without these other essential materials included in the building of the house, it would merely be a pile of bricks with no structure and meaning. Henri Poincare uses this house as a metaphor for science. He ultimately compares the building of a house to shaping a stream of theories and facts into logical text. The relationship between the parts and the bricks must be significant in completing the task. Without this relationship between the parts and the bricks, you are simply left with a pile of bricks and a accumulation of facts without a clear picture.

Knowledge is derived differently dependent on the person. Scientists constantly use scientific method to determine facts about what they observer and to form a valid hypothesis. For instance, scientists will observe a ball falling down to the ground and will record data as the experiment progresses. They will collect data through a number of trials in order to try and reach a conclusion. Consequently, if the hypothesis they had previously predicted is proven wrong, they will then have to formulate a new hypothesis as to what is happening. However, if their prediction is correct, they can officially publish their results. If the results…

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