The Building Blocks Of The Ancient Civilizations Essay

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THESIS STATEMENT: Ideas, institutions, and arts are the building blocks of the ancient civilizations that have impacted the development of the world.

The classical time period was an epoch of change and a transition from isolated societies, composed mostly of hunting and gathering, into vast empires. This classical time of ever changing religious and philosophies ideas will greatly impact the growth and development of the world for years to come. Greece and Rome are two of the five most commonly known empires of the classical period because of their influence through ideas, institutions, and art. These two cultures are closely related. The Greek era was 600 to 200 B.C., the Roman Empire ran from 500 B.C.- A.D. 500. China (500 B.C.-A.D. 500) and India (300 B.C.-A.D. 500) are less common empires and are different from the European empires. The classical area of expansion to civilizations lasted from 600 B.C. to A.D. 1200. Each empire has its similarities and differences, however, all of which continue to influence the modern day society by their complex institutions, ideas, and art. Greece was notable for their development of a system of government that let individuals have a vote on how their government would run; this was the idea of a direct democracy was founded by the Greek’s. The polis was a unique institution of democracy where the fundamentals of classism lied. Men were expected to participate in what is known as a direct democracy that passed local laws,…

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