The Building Blocks Of Communities Essay

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Meant to enhance the structure of community assets, community improvements can take a different turn when presented. Challenges are created as not all parties see projects as improvements to the community, but as a loss of structure to environment, beauty and potential opportunities that are important to them. Using social capital, building trust and creating teambuilding can help lessen the impact or destruction of the cohesiveness found within a community. As Estates outlines, social cohesion and economic success can be facilitated by successful collaboration and communication channels “through which information about the trustworthiness of other individuals and groups can flow” (Estates, n.d.). Positive interactions are the building blocks of communities. One example that teambuilding and creation of trust can be utilized is the Granite Peak Expansion Project.
Rib Mountain, formerly called Rib Hill, began “1.5 to 2 billion years ago with the violent fusion through intense heat and sand into a mammoth chuck of quartzite.” (History of Ski Area, n.d.) At 1,924 feet above sea level, Rib Mountain is the second highest point in Wisconsin. Recognizing the recreational potential in the mountain, Wisconsin Kiwanis Club purchased 160 acres. They asked the Wisconsin Conservation Department (currently the DNR) if it could become a state park. The Conservation Department agreed and accepted a donation of 40 acres in 1923 (Rib Mountain State Park History, 2014). Official…

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