The Building A Communication Plan Essay

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The Communication Plan in Action: Examples
Although the process of building a communication plan produces a similarly impacting outcome, the actual communication plan can vary widely to align to organizational culture and project scope. In the case of government programs, the customer is the communities they serve and therefore must provide information in a consumable format appropriate for the greater audience. Three examples of government communications are described, including Seattle Parks and Recreation, City of Scottsdale, and
Seattle Parks and Recreation
The Seattle Parks and Recreation communication plan is the most complex of the three examples due to its complexity and high community involvement. Of note, the Seattle Parks and Recreation (2001) communication plan is a lengthy 37-page plan covering the park development and acquisition program. This is a robust program with over a hundred park projects with four main topics, including the 2000 Park Levy Program, Community Center Levy Program, Major Maintenance Program, and Neighborhood Matching Fund Program (Seattle Parks and Recreation, 2001). Seattle is investing over $235 million into the project to build a large parks infrastructure for the benefit of the entire community and therefore, it must include opportunities for community meetings, workshops, and advisory forums (Seattle Parks and Recreation, 2001). The plan includes a comprehensive program goals section, internal communication strategy, overall…

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