The Budget Plan For A Budget Deal Essay

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There are many factors involved to pass a budget deal. In this process the president presents congress with a proposal plan to balance the budget. In turn, congress negotiates a budget plan of their own with the president. This process takes time and work and it’s influenced by particular interests. These interest along with other dynamics of the present time determine how funds are used and where they will be concentrated. In the United States the two major parties, Republicans and Democrats, have been responsible in creating budget plans as they interchangeably lead the country. When comparing the 1992 and 2015 budget plans each party’s core difference changes the priorities of the administration in power. Furthermore, in addition to split-party control of the presidency and Congress, policy decisions that may have substantial effect on the budget, statutory limits on federal debt that were temporarily removed and are about to go back in effect, as well as automatic reductions in spending that reduce funding for government activities play a major role in this long process.

In 1992, the Republican president George W. Bush’s budget plan reflected the platform of the Republican party taking the most conservative turn of every issue. The administration faced budget deficits that limited spending and encountered strict limits imposed by an agreement with Congress. When it is time to vote on certain issues the party affiliation with the majority control in Congress gets to…

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