Essay The Buddhist Perspective Of Care

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It is necessary for health care professionals to understand the care perspectives of diverse people so that they are able to support their preferred cultural and ethical beliefs. Likewise , nurses are able to provide effective care when their practices fall into the scopes of their beliefs as well . The Christian perspective of care is derived primarily from the New Testament and helps nurses differentiate between ethical and unethical practices. The Buddhist perspective of care is derived from the teachings of Buddha and focuses around the ability of the individual to achieve Nirvana, a holy state of nonexistence. The purpose of this paper is to provide nurses with information they can use when working with people of the Christian and Buddhist faiths.

Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Nurses come into contact with patients that come from a variety of faiths and cultures. Therefore, it is important for health care professionals to have a basic understanding of what care means to these individuals, which will allow them to provide a higher quality of care to their patients. This paper will discuss overlapping and contradictory care themes from Christianity and Buddhism to help nurses understand how to interact with patients who belong to these two belief systems. It is beneficial for nurses to apply ethical, cultural, and humanistic principles to support patients with different backgrounds.
In Christianity, prime reality is God and the…

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