The Buddhist Organization And New Temple Essay

1832 Words Nov 6th, 2015 8 Pages
Dear chairwoman, I am writing to inform you of a single new piece of artwork that I envision for the Buddhist organization and new temple in the Twin Cites. I envision this piece of art to enhance the temple and to help the followers of Buddhism reach their full potential. The mission statement of this organization is to transmit the old dharma to the new generation. We believe that putting a new piece of artwork in the new temple will help teach the younger generations about Buddhism and how the Buddha became enlightened. This mission statement gives the purpose to why the founders of the organization believe the temple should be in existence. The priest is fond of saying, do not forget that sangha-community-is the third jewel of Buddhism. The priest is trying to acknowledge the importance of the community and those who are followers of the Buddha. The statement from the priest suggests the philosophical emphasis of the organization’s spiritual leader. Creating a new piece of art to put in the new Buddhist temple would not only give others a chance to experience new culture, but it would give those who practice Buddhism a place to feel at home while they practice the teachings of the Buddha.

The iconography of this new piece of art will tell the story of how the Buddha became enlightened. He will be put in a stylized pose and will give the followers of Buddhism an idea of how powerful he is. Some of his symbols draw attention to the Buddha’s character, while others look…

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