The Bubonic Plague In Western Europe

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The Black Plague resulted the death of an estimated 25 to 60 percent of Europeans. The Black Death spread through Western Europe between 1348 and 1349. It was called the plague because it killed more people than anything before. The Black Death led to many changes one of them being that farmland was not used which reduced the output of food. Another change was that the demand for labor rose.

The Black Plague spread through Europe from 1347 to 1351. It was called a plague because it killed more people than ever before. When it came to Europe it traveled from one city to the next. What was the Black Death? Well according to Squidoo, “The Black Death is the bubonic plague, and it is caused by bad bacteria (Y. Pestis) which lives in
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This was a problem because there was no food for the Europeans. According to Fsmitha, “ Much farm land went into disuse, reducing the output of food. Farm animals died, further diminishing the food supply.” (Depopulation, Rebellion and Social Progress). The plague caused there to be a lot less food for the people. Animals died and the farmland was not used. All of the deaths created less demand for food so prices went down.

Then in Western Europe demand for labor was rising. The plague brought a shortage of labor into Western Europe. Fsmitha writes, “In Western Europe labor the demand for labor rose, and, with fewer people around willing to work for less, wages rose.” (Depopulation, Rebellion and Social Progress). When demand for labor rose the wages went up to get more people willing to work for more money. Also the demand for slaves was increased instead of raising wages. People felt like they had to keep slaves because they need people to work for them.

In the end The Bubonic Plague had a lot of downsides. It affected Europe in lots of different ways during that time. Now we have better medicines to prevent plagues. The Black Plague brought a demand for labor in mostly Western Europe. It also reduced the amount of food that was available so people were not only sick but starving too. To sum it up the plague changed how people had to live a lot and it was very

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