The Brown V. Board Of Education Essay

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Introduction Awareness of one’s history is critical to appreciating and understanding its effects and accomplishments. The Brown v. Board of Education case is a landmark in the history of the United States society and the judiciary system (Hartung 90). It drastically affected the education systems, the civil rights movements, and is known as one of the first cases to acknowledge social science results. The Brown v. Board of Education case took place over sixty years ago, and its effects continue to influence many aspects of today’s society, and more specifically today’s education systems. Although the Brown case had many accomplishments, it is still argued that it failed to successfully accomplish its main goal of desegregating schools.
Plessy v. Ferguson to Brown v. Board of Education The Plessy v. Ferguson decision, which stated that separation of blacks and white were legal as long as the facilities were equal, was overturned by the Brown v. Board of Education ruling. The Plessy v. Ferguson case took place in Louisiana in 1896 when a man who was one-eighth white, Homer Plessy, was arrested for sitting in a white-only car (Burtka 60). As a result, he argued to the courts that both his thirteenth and fourteenth amendment rights were violated. Unfortunately, John Ferguson, the judge presiding over the case, ruled that separate facilities were legal as long as they were of equal quality. The Plessy v. Ferguson case which enforced “separate but equal” affected the…

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