The Brown V Board Of Education Decision Essay

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Many people would say that African Americans have majorly progressed since the Brown v Board of Education decision in 1954. The decision is acknowledged as one of the greatest decisions the Supreme Court has made in the 20th century. The decision ended legal segregation in public schools. Although legally segregation ended in 1954, does it still remain in the 21st century? More than 50 years later, we do see substantial improvements among African Americans in regards to segregation in schools. In 1940, only about 12% of African Americans graduated high school and 2% graduated college. In 2000, about 72% of African Americans graduated high school and 14.5% graduated college (The Journal of Negro Education). Despite these improvements, racial disparity between whites and blacks remain.
Lakeside High school is a high school located in a Midwest suburb area and is among one of the largest high schools in the country. During the 2001-2002 school year, Lakeside High had about 3,000 students consisting of 48% white, 40% black, and the remaining 12% a mixture between Latinos and Asians. Within this high school, there were many racial gaps found between blacks and whites in regards to student achievements. African Americans had a lower GPA average than whites; they didn’t perform as well on standardized tests, and were less likely to be found in honors and AP classes than whites (The Journal of Negro Education).
In Frontline’s video “Separate and Unequal”, we are shown the views…

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