Essay on The Brothers Of The Metropolitan Community Church

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Unknown to them that this would be their last chant together, the brothers of the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) in New Orleans, Louisiana, aka The Brotherhood of Man, gathered at the Upstairs Lounge (a gay bar) on the evening of June 24, 1973 for their weekly worship service. On that fateful evening, they sang their chant, “United We Stand,” in recognition and appreciation of the donations of their benefactors while swinging their arms to the tune of the piano. Not long after, the doorbell buzzed and one of the brothers went to respond to it unaware of the dreadful event that was yet to come. As he opened the door, fire from nowhere began to burn the building. It spread very quickly that it burned the people trapped in the building. Those who attempted to escape through the windows jumped and fell to their deaths. This fire resulted in the death of 32 people, and was named the worst arson hate crime and mass murder of gay men in US history (Goss 269-71).
The aim of the brotherhood was to blend Southern Evangelical Christian and gay bar cultures in order to create a safe space for the expression of gay Christianity. Alas, some people obviously disapproved of this movement, and expressed their homophobia through this mass murder. In the same year, a series of other mass murders preceded that of the Upstairs Lounge. MCC’s Mother Church in Los Angeles was set ablaze by oppositions. Two months later, their meeting place in Nashville, Tennessee was also set aflame (Goss…

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