The Brothers Grimm And Disney Essay

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For a long time people have been using fairytales to teach valuable life lessons. Naturally there are many different accounts of each fairytale, but the majority of people usually divide them between the traditional and modern versions. Referring to the traditional often means the harsh lesson connected to the works by The Brothers Grimm while modern refers to the happy animated Disney interpretations. Looking past the differences in how The Brothers Grimm and Disney like to mood their stories they both share the similar themes of what jealousy and cruel acts can lead to, the envy of the evil Queen in Snow White, the rage and vanity of Gothel in Rapunzel, and the greed of Cinderella’s stepmother and sisters; however, there seems to be a controversy between who’s versions of the fairytales are more appropriate for teaching these lessons, The Brothers Grimm or Disney? The simple answer is both, for the adjustments to the stories throughout history were only persuaded by the changes in society, altering the mood of the stories to stay with current events does not diminish the quality of the fairytale being told by book or movie. The story of Snow White is a perfect representation of the classic fairytale form: princess, villain, prince, and a happy ending. The Brothers Grimm story of Snow White and Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs share similarities in the theme of jealousy and death. In both stories the stepmother plots to kill Snow White out of jealousy for the…

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