Essay on The Bronx Of The Brooklyn

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It all started when John and his family moved from Brooklyn to the Bronx. The seventh of seventh children being the youngest and not having his father in his life the only one that have a different father and father not in his life. But did have a step father in his life along with his older sister father always took him and her out like that was his kid. But after moving to the Bronx John went from being a B student to start to failed school and this was during the 3 grade with his grades now falling and it wasn 't because the work was hard just scared of the new environment he in now and don 't know anyone so he started to find friends that was also not doing so good in school he started to hang out with them and felt safe with them because the other children was not so accepting like the other kids. Then soon him is his friends that was not doing so good was sent to another school that was closer for more help. They was sent there because the school felt that they need more help and was not getting it with the class they was in. Now John and the friends he made was in a different school and the friends seem to be doing better but John was still struggling but not in the class work because now it was too easy. He is now began to act worst then he was in the other schools. He stole crayons from school and then started to take books and not get in trouble even though he knew it was wrong. Because he didn 't get in trouble like he normally would for touching something that…

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