The Bronx Borough And Bronx Essay

2001 Words Dec 23rd, 2016 9 Pages
Sometimes it’s difficult for me to remember every place has a history regardless if residents care for it or not. However, it’s the most difficult when I think about the borough I live in, The Bronx. During my senior year of high school, I received an invitation from The Bronx County Historical Society to join an event. The society invited valedictorians from every Bronx High School to attend this awards reception. This event took place outside next to the Museum of Bronx History where the hosts provided food and entertainment. During the event, people spoke to the guests about either the society, the museum or the Bronx itself. However, I mainly think about how someone told us about how we’ll end up coming back to the Bronx long into our lives because it’s our home.
While enrolled in high school, I maintained close friendships with four people; two lived in the Bronx, one lived in Manhattan and the last one traveled all the way from Brooklyn. With this in mind, I question if the Bronx represented ‘home’ for all the valedictorians at this reception. But I’ll return to this thought process after explaining what we received during this event. When the presenters called the valedictorians names by each school, they handed us a kind of gift package which included historical books, a calendar, and Bronx-related postcards. Out of the items given, I’ll focus on the books about the Bronx and the Historical Society even though I found the rest of the books interesting gifts to…

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