The Broken Road Mini Series Analysis

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The Broken Road Mini-Series

This Mini-Series was designed especially for spouses in second marriages who:

Are grateful for the gift of companionship
Are willing to invest deeply for a good return
Want to grow with their partner
Are committed to serving Jesus through serving others
Understand the value of having and being a good partner
Have big dreams for what God can do in their marriage
Want to get it right this time
Desire to minimize the baggage from prior relationships

I 'm Elizabeth Reames, avid music lover, Life Coach, and Author. Today 's installment is the first of four parts in the mini-series I call The Broken Road.

In this session, we 're addressing two related topics; one, identifying emotional triggers that cause us extreme pain
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A- Anxiety and severe frustration. Wasn 't it supposed to be different this time?! But, here 's proof that it 's not, and the next thing you feel is.....

I- Invalidated. “I can 't believe he (she) said that to me!” “I don 't have to put up with this!” Then, your self.....

R- Respect plummets, and you feel sub-standard, like you 're not enough, and will never be enough.

I can feel the emotions myself just going through the process! So, let 's re-frame, and I promise, with enough repetitive, positive re-framing, you can replace this all too common pattern with a process that minimizes negative emotions- i.e. your baggage, and maximizes your opportunity to exhibit healthy responses in your relationships.

Take a cleansing breath. Breathe in grace, breathe out anxiety, and try this:

F- When you first feel the fear, consciously move yourself to Freedom. Say, “I 'm not the person I was in the past. This feeling of being unimportant is strong, but it 's a lie. I 'm not insignificant or helpless in this relationship. I CAN respond instead of react, and speak to my spouse (or whomever) from a place of wisdom and kindness. I 'm in control, and (negative emotion) is

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