Essay on The British Of The Eighteenth Century

1840 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 8 Pages
British theatre was forever changed in the eighteenth century. It started to evolve and started creating works that are still well know today. Women were finally allowed to have roles on stage and different acting styles were starting to be used. With these changes some performers became very popular and were celebrities of their time. The reason why these masterpieces are still well recognized today is not only how well they were written, it was because of the great actors and actresses who performed. Without these celebrities of their time theatre would not have been as popular as it still is. So this essay is going to inform the readers on the British performers of the eighteenth century. These actors and actresses in the late eighteenth century were treated with a great amount of respect even though they were part of the lower class. The respect that they were treated with could easily lost. Some examples of how these performers could lose that respect could be because of a marriage to someone who was not yet accepted in their culture but this was not the main issue. The main issue that these performers would have is the audience would hold them accountable for the actions that their character would perform on stage. There were numerous scripts that would have the women in the play perform adultery to her “husband” and would be viewed poorly just because that is what her character would perform on stage. Other struggles these actors and actresses would have to face is…

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