The British Music Invasion: the Effects on Society and Culture

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"So the British invasion was more important as an event, as a mood: than as music" (Bangs, 171). This was the British invasion. I wasn't just about the music, it was more then that; this is what makes it so unique. It didn't just happen to effect America by chance, it lifted the spirits and moods of its youth. It isn't just coincidence that Kennedy was assassinated right before the Beatles famous Ed Sullivan Show performance. The whole country was in a deep depressive doldrum after the assassination, and for good reason. The British invasion was needed by Americans to snap out of this funk, and this was just the thing to do it. (One thing that Americans used to avoid the depressing times was to use illegal drugs, but that will be …show more content…
The newspaper taxis can be seen as an illusion from the drugs, and the usage of the cloud can be considered getting "high" and getting away from the present reality. Now when the Beatles, arguably the most influential band in rock and roll history, changed their style, others followed. As previously mentioned, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd, and other British bands followed suit with this movement, and thus a large-scale drug influx arrived in

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