Essay about The British Journal Of Healthcare Management

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As I move forward in obtaining my dream in an advanced practice role as an emergency department and trauma nursing educator, I plan to utilize an organizational framework discussed by Tatasofsky which consists of five main components; consisting of organization agility, innovative opportunities, operations effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and at the core of all of these components, learning culture (2011). Learning culture is described as employee involvement, competence development, and teamwork commitment (Tatasofsky, 2011). Harkins explains that “For a team to be effective, the underlying efforts must be driven by group results, not individuals. Members must be able to leave their egos at the door, and put aside personal agendas in order to achieve the team goals” (2009). The British Journal of Healthcare Management explains that “To change behavior within a system requires a change in thinking and understanding of how knowledge is created, and how one becomes involved in the process of knowledge translation” (2015). As an advanced practice nurse, the element of learning culture is the core of a unit educator. This type of organizational framework is cyclic in nature, allowing for improving unit performance through teamwork and collaboration in order to maintain a balanced, efficient, and effective unit. Constant evaluation of unit performance is needed in order effectively produce new educational opportunities for staff. Open communication with staff will be…

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