The British Empire And The War For North America Essay

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As time fosters distance from the American Revolution, it is expected that the manner in which historians examine this era also has changed and adapted. Even when the facts have remained unaffected, various schools of thought have generated differing opinions of the events surrounding this conflict. This has led to the war not only being studied, but also the individual historian’s directions being dissected as well. Examples of this shifting historiography can be observed within the edited collection of essays and sources within Major Problems in the Era of the American Revolution, 1760-1791, specifically within the chapter entitled “The British Empire and the War for North America”. Utilizing both source documents and essays, the editors of this chapter put together a perspective of the American Revolution reflecting the difficulties faced by the British administration. It is of importance to note that though this chapter deals with the years leading toward the war from a British perspective, it is not a conservative look at the time comparable to that of the Loyalist historians of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Instead both essays reflect on the many pressures facing the British, both domestically and internationally, and shape them in a way that does not center on the creation of an argument based on morality. Instead of a formulation of opposing sides of right and wrong, both authors create a narrative leading up to the Revolution from a side of the…

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