The British And Indian War Essay

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Americans today enjoy many liberties and freedoms that their ancestors did not have. Americans today could never fully comprehend what it was like to live in a monarchy ruled country, or to be governed by a King and Parliament that held unlimited power. That is, however, the world that the early American colonist of 1775 lived in. The American colonist were living under the rule of a tyrannical government who refused to acknowledge or grant the colonist fundamental rights and liberty’s; therefore, the colonist decided revolt and rebellion was not merely their only option, but that based on teleological ethics, it was their duty to human rights. In the late 18th century, American’s were living in colonies established and governed by Great Britain. Britain had just won the French and Indian war against France. Prior to the French and Indian war Britain and the American Colonies had maintained a relatively peaceful relationship. Though the king and Parliament held ultimate authority, local American government were allowed great freedom and control in the governing of the colonies. The war with France, however, had put a great strain on Britain financially. The British government needed a way to reconcile the tremendous debt they had incurred. In 1764, in an effort to gain revenue, Parliament began imposing costly and unjust taxes on the colonies. Britain had impressed American colonist into the Navy, forcing them to fight their war, and now Britain wanted to the colonist…

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