The British And Indian War Essay

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The british empire helped to establish the thirteen colonies in the new world, however the british did not enforce their power over the colonies.When the colonist had already begun to self-govern themselves ,britain then asserted power over the colonies by creating unjust laws and taxes.The colonist based on many factors believed that they were being mistreated in which caused them to protest.When their protest efforts did not change the way they were being treated the colonist decided to rebel.The colonists were justified in their rebellion. The colonists believed they were being oppressed and abused by the British. From 1607-1763 the colonies were mostly left on their own to self-govern because of Great Britain salutary neglect, as long as they sold Britain raw materials and purchased Britain’s manufactured goods (Mercantilism). After the French and Indian war was over, however, British policy towards the colonies completely changed. Britain began to tax the colonists in order to pay for the debt brought on by the French and Indian War.To the British, this was fair, because the colonists were British subjects, and they had to pay taxes just like the British citizens. The French and Indian War ultimately defended and protected the colonies against French and Indian aggression. From the colonial perspective, they viewed the taxes to be unjust,the first of which was the Stamp Act in 1765 which taxed all paper goods, such as newspapers, playing cards, and even marriage…

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