The British And British Government Essay

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Imagine you were living in a time where you were controlled by an outside governing body and you are being taxed and your rights are being taken away. Then there is one event that pushes you over the edge and makes your fellow colonist want to rebel. The British did many things to the colonist that made the colonist want to rebel against the British and to start their own government. The colonist had many great reasons to leave the control of England and to become its own independent country where they could then make their own government. They were often taxed heavily by the British. The British made many acts which allowed the British government to gain money through taxes from the colonist for no specific reason. The Colonist often would find themselves without rights because the British would take the colonist rights away in different ways, with the laws they enforced on the colonist. There was one event that pushed the Colonist over the edge and made them want to break away from the British and this event was that they were constantly being taxed even though they had no direct representation in the British government. Even though the colonist were against such a strong country they were still able to gain their independence because they all had the common goal of becoming a free country. Based on the actions of the British, the colonists had every right to want to leave the British’s control, and even though these events took place a long time ago its impact on today’s…

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