Essay on The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

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In Junot Diaz’s book, The Brief Wondrous life of Oscar Wao is a story about a guy named Oscar Wao and his adventures. One of the major theme is supernatural or superstition, Fuku Americanus. Yunior the narrator, introduces the book with this curse. So many of the characters have troubles upon the Fuku in the Dominican Republic due to the dictator, Trujilllo. Even though he was assassinated, his spirit lurks and he represents the curse. The Fuku curse has a great impact on the main character, Oscar. The curse also ties to the theme love because the Fuku feeds off of it. All the characters, including Yunior, Lola, Beli, and many other more, deals with heartbroken because of the curse. A lot of characters have trouble to ever be happily finding true love. Yunior tries to convince us, that the Fuku is always lurking and following every characters move without them even knowing. The significance of the Fuku is that the characters, especially Oscar, will never escape the curse. But that’s what the author wants us to think. Whether what Oscar did at the end, which he thinks that he dismissed the curse. But did he actually break the Fuku?
What is Fuku? The Fuku is a curse set upon in the Dominican Republic. Yunior says in the very beginning “It’s perfectly fine if you don’t believe in these “superstitions”. In fact, it’s better than fine- it’s perfect. Because no matter what you believe, Fuku believes in you.” (5) Anybody who despises Trujillo will get bad luck.
“Fuku Americanus,…

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