Essay on The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

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Junot Díaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao vividly articulates the roles of sex and gender relating to the Cabral-de León family and their plight within a context of Dominican culture promoting machismo and sexism. Led by Yunior, a man centered around womanizing and also of close relation to the family, the narration entails a lively description of the accounts of the Cabral-de León family while demonstrating the effects that machismo has on society. The novel mainly circles around the happenings of Oscar de León, but his story is told through the narratives of the family that came before and live in conjunction to him, namely the narratives of strong female family members. Nonetheless, oftentimes Yunior shrouds this narrative through his flagrant misogyny, and consequently the novel impresses as a very sexist text. As a result, many have ruled out this novel of conveying any feminist ideology, however behind the misogynistic content lies a largely feminist sentiment that subtly conveys itself throughout the story. Although the novel appears to encourage sexism through Yunior’s misogynistic narrative, the novel portrays multi-faceted, strong women that shape Oscar’s life, and as a result Díaz uses this medium to address the rooted sexism that permeates today’s society while making it relevant and relatable- making this text a feminist piece.

Yunior’s narrative, although lively and entertaining, exhibits a large amount of sexism in his narration, resulting in a…

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