The Breath Of All Green Things By David Suzuki Essay

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David Suzuki’s, “The Breath of All Green Things,” an excerpt from The Sacred Balance, is a moving piece about life’s most vital resource; air. He causes readers to think twice about how largely air is taken for granted and how we must change our ways if we want to continue to have this precious “substance” (Suzuki pg. 54). Suzuki creates a compelling piece about air by using a very influential writing strategy. He uses three common literary devices to make his factual article sound poetic; Suzuki uses many moving metaphors, alliterations and personifications within his work and it has various advantages, as well as teachings.
Suzuki creates poetic images and phrases by using linguistic techniques such as metaphors, alliterations, and personifications. Suzuki’s writing is very liberally sprinkled with metaphors that enhance the reader’s awareness and understanding of what he is writing about. Suzuki compares air to a “canvas on which we paint the image of our world” (pg. 52). By reading this, the audience gets an overwhelming sense of the importance of air. Suzuki also refers to air as the “engine that drives life” (pg. 76), meaning life would not be able to function without air. Another metaphor Suzuki uses to create an image in the reader’s mind is, “Oxygen lights the fires of life and keeps then burning” (pg. 55). All of the metaphors Suzuki uses have a commonality between them; each metaphor refers to air as the driving force behind our existence. There are also numerous…

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