The Breakfast Club Movie Essay

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Teen and youth based films that were produced in the eighties changed how movies in the future would be scripted, produced and how the viewers would see them. One movie in particular that did this was The Breakfast Club, which was written and directed by John Hughes. The movie shows a group of five highschoolers both boys and girls all coming from different backgrounds yet they are all in the same place, detention. Throughout the day the film shows its viewers how they come together and overcome their differences. He is known to have had one of the largest impacts on youth based movies. Hughes makes his characters in depths so we can all relate to them and their struggles they are having in some way, yet he makes his films memorable and …show more content…
This seemed to begin to change in the 80s. Females, especially in teen based movies started to become more of lead roles. Both The Breakfast Club and Easy A have strong leading female roles in them. In The Breakfast Club there is Claire who is the preppy suburban girl and then there is Allison who is known as the basket case. Both these girls are very different yet they both pay key roles in the movie and both stereotypes are seen in schools across the world. In the movie Easy A Olive Prendergast is the character that the film revolves around. In that particular case she is a normal, high school girl who is not very known yet has all she needs. The Breakfast Club and Easy A both show how teen girls are judged by their actions, appearances, and social clique. Olive is judged first by the school’s super religious girl named Marianne but after the rumors about her “sleeping around” start even her best friend judges her. In the Breakfast Club the quote, “I don’t know, I don’t—you don’t understand… you don’t. You’re not friends with the same kind of people that Andy and I are friends with! You know, you just don’t understand the pressure that they can put on you!” (Hughes 1985) is spoken by Claire. She is talking about how her friends and how other people outside her particular clique put all this pressure on her to be a certain way, as if they want her to be

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