The Breakfast Club : Film Review Essay

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There are several films that help society understand certain sociological issues in the world. The Breakfast Club, being one of those films, touches on issues such as social stigma, conformity, informal social control and obedience. The movie touches on these issues in many ways, with several scenes that can be used as great examples.
Social Stigma (1) is brought up several times throughout the movie. Social stigma is a label used to devalue members of certain social groups. These people are usually labeled for specific characteristics such as “short people”. In the beginning of the film, all of the students from the high school belong to a different clique. They know nothing about each other. They only know each other as a princess, a geek, an athlete, a basket case, and a criminal. In the movie, there is a scene where Brian states that he is in the physics club. When Bender asks Clair why she wouldn’t be in the physics club she states that it’s not like the other clubs. Then Bender explains that to dorks like him, it is. Brian is labeled a “dork” or a “nerd”. There is another scene where they are all showing each other what they have in their bags. Allison, the basket case, dumps everything out of her large bag. They ask her if she’s going to be one of those “shopping bag ladies”.
The issue of (2) conformity is also brought up in the movie. Conformity is simply going along with peers, which are individuals of one’s own status who have no special right to…

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