Essay on The Brazilian Constitution

1200 Words Nov 28th, 2016 5 Pages
The Brazilian constitution ensures its citizens right to life and liberty, but in reality, this isn 't true. Brazil, a Federal Republic country violates people’s human rights to life, personal security, and liberty by allowing their police to arrest detainees illegally along with treating them harshly, and by allowing the police to get away with torture and murder. To combat Brazil’s violations of the human rights to life, personal security, and liberty a number of things can be done: use global public opinion to pressure Brazil; initiate UN sanctions; give money to groups in Brazil that promote the right to life and protect citizens at risk; and educate others about the problem through social media and blogging. The police in Brazil do not follow the countries arrests procedure nor do they treat their detainees properly. The US State Department stated that “Unless a suspect is caught in the act of committing a crime, an arrest cannot be made without a warrant issued by a judicial official. “The law also prohibits the use of force during an arrest unless the suspect attempts to escape or resists arrest.” ( According to human rights observers, “some detainees complained about being physically abused by police officers while being taken into custody.” ( The law in Brazil also permits provisional detention for up to five days under specified conditions during an investigation, but a judge may extend this period. Amnesty International also reports that…

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