The Brain The Story Of You By David Eagleman Essay

1898 Words Apr 13th, 2016 8 Pages
In The Brain The Story of You, David Eagleman describes the endless possibilities our brain has to offer in the shaping of who we are. The connections of our brain that began as we were born, contribute to the debate on free will and determinism. Are we the ones shaping who we are as a person or is it all predetermined? An example is shown in infants, infant animals, such as giraffes, are born and within minutes, gain independence in the world while infant humans are very dependent on their parents. A baby giraffe can walk almost instantly while a human has to learn to crawl and take baby steps with help before being able to walk independently. This is because when we are born our brains unfinished and we continue to develop, creating new connections over the first two years of life and then pruning to perfection—strengthening those connections. The idea of free will is that we are conscious humans and are able to make genuine undetermined choices in circumstances while determinism is all about worldly events being the result of previous events. Nature refers to biology and genetics, which is a deterministic view while nurture, refers to the environment which sides with the free will argument. Many people believe in an illusory perception of free will—for example a choice of drink at breakfast. It is believed you have a choice of water, milk, or perhaps orange juice, however deterministic beliefs require an output for every input. The input in this scenario is thirst…

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