The Brain Of The Human Memory Essay

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Most people can recall a favorite childhood memory off the top of their head. Or how just one word can trigger a significant moment in the past. Or remembering your aunt’s homemade cookie recipe. We can all know that two plus two equals four because it has been drilled into our heads since we were children. The human memory is irreplaceable and something that we rely on everyday. But how does our brains remember directions to our favorite restaurant or what our dad’s favorite color is? Where are all these memories stored and how are they categorized? And how can we recall them so quickly? Memories are stored in many different ways, different places, and for different amounts of time. The human memory is __________________________. The process all starts by seeing or hearing information. The brain analysis this information in seconds, this process is all automatic, you don’t have to think about it. For example, when looking across the street your brain receives points and puts them all together in a panoramic view. After the brain receives information from one of the senses, it goes to the ___________ to process the information, and to decide what to do with it. If the information is important it would be stored in long term, yet if the information is not something of importance, it would be stored in short term. How does the brain decide where the information goes? To create a memory you need to use reinforcement in the form of repetition or practice, or through…

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