The Brain Manufacturer Essay

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Neuropsychologist: The Brain Manufacturer HAHAHA! Arms and legs rage uncontrollably just above the white bed, that is contained within a lifeless white room. The two white demented powers of observation produce fear in his family. It was only a matter of time that his twinkling white smile goes from soothing to terrifying for his lovely wife. Loud laughter lives with his new life thanks to the repeated episodes of gelastic epilepsy. This condition produces seizures, which interrupt so heavily on his daily living that he was forced to be hospitalized in order to figure out what part of the remarkable brain was causing this dilemma. In fact, neuropsychologists are experts in the etiology of malfunction of the brain.
It is quite amusing to understand the different types of functions that are produced by the nervous system, but one may seek professional help to control them. According to Clinical Neuropsychology, professional psychology applies to the principles of assessment and intervention based on the study of the human brain and how it relates to normal and abnormal operation behaviors, and a diversity in knowledge is required to succeed in this career like psychology, functional neuroanatomy, principles of neuroscience, brain development, neurological disorders and causes, neurodiagnotic techniques, and neuropsychological and behavioral manifestation of neurological disorders (“Clinical Neuropsychology”). In detail from Neuropsychologists Degrees, Jobs, and Career’s,…

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