The Brain And Its Effects On Cancer Essay

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Steven Keating, a MIT student knew there was something wrong with his health when he began to smell phantom vinegar smells for around 30 seconds every day. He decided to take action, and he went in for an MRI. The scan showed an abnormality in his brain which had grown into a tumor. The tumor was so large and it had to be removed as soon as possible. After the surgery, he requested to have his genome sequenced and he also wanted the raw data from his scans. The fact that he was able to approach his own cancer in such an inquisitive way, inspired other scientists to get back into their labs and continue doing their extensive research on cancer. Because of Keating’s unique experience with his own health, he is now advocating for patients to have access to their own data and be able to learn from it. He believes that if patients are educated on their own medical diagnoses, they are able to heal better, because they will comprehend the processes which are malfunctioning in the body. There are however those who oppose Keating’s view on this matter, since such informal access to patient’s medical data can easily lead to the lack of patient privacy in their health matters.
There are a few points which are very significant in this article. Firstly, there is a study which shows that patients who are better informed of their diagnoses are more likely to take better care of themselves. For example, a newly diagnosed diabetic who doesn’t know what diabetes is and the significance of…

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