The Boy Kings Of Texas Essay

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The Boy Kings of Texas: This book tells the story about Dom and his family that lives in Brownsville Texas. That how his families greatest secret is that the only reason that his family was able to stay in the United States is because when his father’s grandfather died his mother married this American man in order to gain citizenship for her and her son. That how it is a dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about. How one of the major reason why they do not talk about it is due to many people in the family believes that his grandmother had killed the American grandfather. Since she had found out that he was over at his mistress house for three days in a drunken state. When he finally came home his grandmother was so angry at him she kept his diabetes medication away from him. That which ultimately led him to going to a diabetic shock and dying. In Mexican families you never question your elders in the family. There is a reason that they did what they did and that you will probably understand when you get older or you will probably never understand it at all. It is just that when you grow up in a Mexican family you learn to respect other people’s decisions. That you pretty much talk about other people behind their backs and hope they don’t find out. In Domingo’s family there have been a history of drug and alcoholic abuse. His parents don’t really get involved in his life when that happens. They tend to turn a blind eye when it comes to that. They pretty much let…

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