Essay The Bottled Water

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Watching these videos was an interesting experience, I have seen videos like these before and I do think that they have some good points. While our earth has a limited amount of resources and we has humans need to be careful how they are used, but we as Americans are using more than we need but we also produce and sell a lot of the worlds “stuff” for them. One of the problems that I had with the video Story of Stuff is just like every other propaganda video it was one sided and had some miss information and implied un true or un conformed facts to get its point across. One example is the presumption that every big company is evil and that the government is these companies lap dog, which is just not the case.
The video I chose to write about is the Story of the Bottled Water, I chose this because I will drink 2-3 bottled waters a day and was interested to hear there take on why people drink them. While it was interesting to hear there ideas on why people drink bottled water and ways to stop the pollution of that many bottles, I found it odd that they didn’t mention convince as a reason. In my opinion that is one of the biggest reasons that it is popular, I know at my house that we are not scared to drink tap water or worried about how clean the water is, it is just about convince. For example when I leave the house it would be very difficult to take a cup of water with me in the car but having a bottle with a lid makes it easier. And while a refillable water bottle is a good…

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