Botany Of Desire Analysis

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The PBS documentary film, “The Botany of Desire” were based on the book by Michael Pollan, it was design to enhance viewers to have better connection between plants and the world. The movie discuss the relationship of four plants and associated with human desires for sweetness, beauty, intoxication, and control over plants ; showing that humans do not stand outside the food web but are much a part of it. The four plants were the apple, tulip, marijuana, and the potato. Each association with plants and humans discovered who are being domesticated? He explore the history of plants and how the association became a part of plant world. In Chapter 1 Pollan briefly explain sweetness and how human desire to have a plant that is sweet. The plant …show more content…
Flowers may indicate the nearby presence of food, which it is an evolutionary component of survival for a man. The beauty of the flower makes it attract bees for pollination. They have roles, male and female, but do not reproduce among themselves. They need other to reproduce. Pollan calls roses, peonies, orchids, and tulips “our canonical flowers”. In Chapter 3 Pollan briefly explain “intoxication” he explores the history and physiology of the marijuana which is mostly desirable in today society. The desire of a cannabis and spread from India and China who were passionate and mostly illegal gardeners. Pollan travels to Israel to visit a man name Raphael Mecholam and discovered the THC, in 196os humans manufacture your own-THC-like substance inside our brains, which is called anandamide, vitally important mental process: leading to forgetfulness. Pollan talk about the forbidden plant. He view that some plants are poisonous and important to avoid, others may cause undesirable reactions in the body as well alternating your consciousness. Pollan also discuss variety of reactions and ask why we are attracted to forbidden plants like marijuana. In America today the government are fighting against the use of marijuana many states are illegal with some going legal

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