The American Revolution: The Boston Tea Party

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The American Revolution was a war in between America and Great Britain in which America demanded independence from the British. The official start date of the Revolution is April 19th, 1775 which was the first battle of the war. However, the official date that America began rebelling against the British was far before the first battle. Americans were already attempting to get the attention of the British and forcing them so listen to their concerns. Although the first battle marks the official start of the American Revolution, it is evident that the Boston Tea Party, and their reaction to the Intolerable Acts, and the formation of the Constitutional Convention show that Americans had already begun the revolution prior to that.

Far before
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The Continental Congress were 13 delegates from each of the colonies came together to make an important decision for America during the Revolution. In Denver Brunsman piece, “Congress in Session,” he explains that Continental Congress is significant because this was America’s first attempt at self-governing (29). By establishing their own government, America began to break away from following orders of the British Parliament and began to make important decisions for itself. It was clear that the Americans had already begun thinking using revolutionary ideas. They recognized the fact that Britain no longer was making beneficial decisions for the country, so they formed their own unofficial government in hopes to figure out a plan that would Eventually the Constitutional Convention also decided they would make the choice to either break away from Britain, or America would force them to listen to their demands (30). America made the decision to go to war because Britain refused to listen to them. The Continental Congress were the ones who fueled the fighting in that was the start of the battles. The battles were just an effect of the decisions that were made by this convention. The battles of the revolution would never have happened if the Continental Congress did not decide to go to …show more content…
The Boston Tea Party, the Intolerable Acts, and the Continental Congress were all events that were prior to the official start of the Revolution, but Americans had already begun their road to independence when these occurred. Americans were already beginning to take revolutionary measures that would eventually lead to an evolution because they were already rebelling against the rule of the British Parliament. These events shaped the future of the nation because the war was simply an effect of all of these revolts and battles that were occurring prior to it. Without the smaller revolts that took place the American Revolution may have never begun in the first

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