Essay on The Boston Tea Party : A Global Power Of Its Own

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On December 16th of 1773, the Boston Tea Party, a political protest organized and executed by the Sons of Liberty in Boston, Massachusetts would impact not only the relations of the colonists and the British in the 18th century, but also how America would become how it is today: a global power of its own. After the end of salutary neglect and the implementation of taxes designed to relieve war debts, the citizens of the colonies felt cheated due to the lack of representation in Parliament from people who actually live in the colonies. In their opinion, they were British citizens as well and deserved the same rights given to those back in the mother country and to not have “virtual representation” where members of Parliament were chosen to speak for those across the sea instead of an election to decide who holds their seat in office. Therefore, when a shipment of highly overpriced tea, raised by the taxes, docked at the harbor, the Sons of Liberty paraded in dressed as American Indians and in a matter of three hours dumped all three hundred and forty-two chests of tea into the Boston Harbor. This action contributed to the entire American Revolution and was a factor of America’s exploration, encounter, and exchange in history.

Concerning exploration, the colonists explored some new ideas and concepts such as initiating revolutions and breaking free from their homeland, Great Britain. According to "Report of the Boston Tea Party, Boston Gazette", the pre-Boston Tea Party…

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