Summary: Proving The Boston Miracle

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The book‘s author, Kennedy, who had designed the "Boston miracle" in the last century, revealed the history and strategy behind his common sense but the Revolution ended the crime method. He has perfectly performed a way to make everyone including gang members, drug dealers, police, and neighbors, gathering in a huge community meeting. The intervention makes everyone has a common desire that communities need to have security and peace. Proving the miraculous result, Kennedy gives us a method, bold and creative, to solve the social problems.
At first, by journalist interviewing, we already know the personal information about Kennedy. He dramatically cut homicide rates not only in Boston but also in other cities. The reason of encouraging himself
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As a most corrosive market, open drug market, anyone can conduct illegal transactions, such as prostitution, drugs, guns and so on. The confusion is not general people can imagine. Of course, people can choose to shut down the market, but they still exist underground. This is not good enough; the drugs are still there. For those drug seller, Kennedy uses the same way as usual, give notice to them and let them do not sell the drugs there, or arrest them.
Kennedy disagrees the law of gun control because he thinks once to execute the gun control, the result was as same as the alcohol prohibition in 20 century; the illegal market was flooding underground and People like drinking more than ever.
There is another difficult come from his job, political rivalries. He needs to struggle it because everyone has different mind and rules, and he needs to take care of it so that he can execute his policy without any barrier.
In summary, Kennedy discovered that both sides, policies and gang members, had misunderstood to each other and fall in the condition of distrust. He envisioned a way that intervenes between police, the gang member. Also, Criminals were told that the violence must be stopped; the police wanted them to remain alive and out of

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