The Boston Massacre: A Massacre

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On March 5, 1770 a mob of colonists armed with clubs surrounded the customs house in Boston where the kings money was kept. The mob surrounded the guard posted there and threatened his life so the red coats were called in, to disperse the mob and the defend the customs house. The colonists started to attack the redcoats tasked with defending the customs house, Which lead to an unordered shot fired by one of the soldiers, not directly at the colonists. According to the Captain Thomas Preston the first shot was on ascended because the gun hit the ground after the soldier holding it was clubbed to the ground. The shot was than followed by multiple others. Again according to the Captain Thomas Preston he was trying to have the the soldiers cease fire but was clubbed to the ground. Finally the fire cease and the smoke cleared, five colonists were dead and three were injured and this is what ended up being the Boston Massacre. Aloth very sad and irresponsible on the British soldered side, was the Boston Massacre really a massacre? A massacre is defined as (Incred massacre definition). There was a really low loss of life and the colonists were armed, not a much as the soldiers but clubs are a …show more content…
Any loss of life is terrible but the definition of a massacre is a large loss of life. Five people died and those people were some of the first to attack the redcoats. There was a lot of confusion in the skirmish and a lot of mistruth but almost every paper stated that 5 colonists died, not a large number.

The Boston Massacre was not a massacre. There was a low loss of life and the colonist attacked first with clubs. The name the Boston Massacre was a news headline to get more viewers and create anger angst Britain. The Boston Massacre was one of the first times Britain fired on unarmed colones in colonest eyes and it was one of the main events that sparked the american

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