The Boston Marathon And The York Marathon Essay

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The Boston Marathon It occurred on April 20, when several runners lined up to run the Boston Marathon; however, the day ended with many people injured and 3 whom were killed making national news. When the bombs went off during the marathon, many bystanders ran towards the trouble to help those who were hurt or wounded. Many people argue that bystanders do not have an obligation to intervene because they are not properly trained and can potentially harm themselves as well as the people around them. Regardless, bystanders have a responsibility to interfere when they witness a crime because they maintain a moral obligation to protect victims and bring criminals to justice. People feel that they do not have an obligation to help others in trouble because of their lack of knowledge on how to stop a crime. Police officers withstand many hours of training so that they are prepared to act in a variety of situations; moreover, an impetuous bystander might not only handle the situation inaccurately, but possibly escalate it. Someone could possibly put themselves in danger trying to intervene. Most of the time, by putting yourself in the middle of a crime you are simply putting one more person in danger while decreasing the chance of survival for the person who you are trying to help. The lack of training makes people skeptical of the fact that they should even be helping when there is trouble. In some cases, the situation may make the bystander uncomfortable, and may…

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