The Boston Celtics Essay

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I decided to evaluate the organizational structure of the Boston Celtics, which is a professional basketball franchise whose team is a member of the NBA. The NBA is a professional basketball league in the United States and Canada that consist of 32 teams. I choose the Boston Celtics because it is one of the most recognizable franchises and logos in all professional sports. With 17 NBA championships, the most of any NBA franchise and unbelievable fan base from all over the world. The average fan that watches the NBA has no idea to the amount of money and organization management that is involved with these organizations and franchises. They are structured very meticulously, where every position is essential to winning, making money, and …show more content…
The centralized structure is based on top down management, where top executives at top financial officials are responsible for the strategic planning of the organization. They then communicate this plan to middle managers, who then come up with a tactical plan for the front line managers, who then break the tactical plan down into an operational plan of attack to achieve objectives made by the top executives. The centralized structure is very structured organization that has a lot of routine and leaves employees with little freedom. It is a process of going up the chain of command to get things answered or approved.

The Centralized structure of the Boston Celtics is headed by a CEO. The CEO is then over four major departments, each head up by a vice president, chief officer, president or general manager. The four departments are basketball operations, operations and information, financial, and marketing and sales. Each department is essential to the overall success of the Boston Celtics and consists of many vice presidents and managers to oversee the success of that department..

The marketing and sales departments are the biggest departments in size of the organization. The overall department is consumer driven and is broken down into two internal departments. One department is ticket sales and the other is community relations.

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