The Border Patrol Hiring And Training Practices Essay

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Yet, such incidents aren’t the only cause for concern over the diminishing quality of the Border Patrol hiring and training practices. “As early as 2008, the National Border Patrol Council, the CBP’s union, began expressing reservations about the expansion. In a report that year, the group found that educational standards of new recruits had dropped and that some new agents read and wrote only at a middle-school level. It also voiced concerns about deferred background checks and shortened training programs, which first fell from 91 days to 81 and then 55 days when language training was separated from the curriculum” (Peter). Even those employed in the field, such as Shawn Moran, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, state that “‘[t]he standards were cut in terms of recruiting, training and the hiring process. You had people who had red flags in their background even after they’d already been taught how we do our job, they knew our methods and techniques, and they were already out in the field with a badge and a gun’” (Peter).
It must also not be overlooked that all of these operations cost money, be that the doubling of the Border Patrol personnel or their training, and especially the new technology being implemented at the border (all to no avail). “Since 1986, the United States has spent more than $219 billion in today 's dollars on border and immigration enforcement, building some 650 miles of fencing along the Southern border while beefing up high-tech…

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