The Book War Against All Puerto Ricans By Nelson Denis Essay

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The book War Against All Puerto Ricans by Nelson Denis looks into the actions of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party during the 20th century and how it affected US-PR relations. As time went on and the US still occupied Puerto Rico, the North American imposed government in the island was faced with several uprisings against it let by the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party and its leader, Pedro Albizu Campos. Albizu Campos organized the agricultural workers of the island and executed and agricultural strike in order to get higher wages from the sugar cane syndicates that owned most of the farmlands. This was the first time that an organized protest against the United States ruled favorably for the Puerto Ricans (Denis webpage). Albizu Campos and the natinalists in Puerto Rico were considered a threat to national security by the FBI, which prompted J. Edgar Hoover to order non-stop surveillance on Campos, who was later jailed. While Albizu Campos was jailed, Puerto Rico was victim to two massacres due to the persecution of Puerto Rican nationalist; these were the Río Piedras, where four nationalists died in a student assembly at the University of Puerto Rico Massacre and the Ponce Massacre. The latter was an incident that occurred in the town of Ponce during a march celebrating the nationalists and the anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the island. The police force began to shoot against the demonstrators under orders of the US appointed governor, General Blanton Winship,…

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