The Book Thief Summary

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Summary of Plot

Author Markus Zusak sums up the story of protagonist Liesel Meminger, a young girl residing in Nazi Germany, in his fictional novel The Book Thief. Narrated by death himself, the novel highlights significant events from the perspective of a usual being. The story develops an awareness to the struggles of the girl. This includes how her character progresses in light of the traumatic events she experiences throughout her young life. By the end of the novel, it is apparent in the growth of the child in not only her physical acts, but the way she thinks and processes things. The story opens with Liesel on her way to Munich, Germany. There she is going to meet her new foster parents, in respect of her mother’s decision to take them to a location of more safety. Also, Liesel’s mother cannot afford taking care of them any longer. On the train to Munich, Liesel wakes to the news of her brother’s death, due to a cough. It is at this point that Liesel experiences death for the first time. In addition, Liesel lives up to her nickname given by Rudy later in the novel, “The Book Thief”. She achieves this by finding her first book, an instructional on gravediging, at her brother’s burial. The book serves as a reminder of her mother and deceased brother throughout the novel. Liesel finds
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The tangible anxiety gradually disintegrates as she reads, alleviating everyone’s worry. Frau Holtzapfel, the cranky neighbors of the Hubermann’s, makes a deal then to stop spitting on their door if Liesel agrees to read her at home. Liesel’s father then gets in trouble and is whipped for feeding a Jew out of sympathy some bread as they paraded down Himmel Street. The effect of this happens later in the story, as Hans finds he’s been drafted into World War II. Another effect is Max leaving soon after for their family’s

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